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What’s involved in building granny flats in Logan or Brisbane?

Building granny flats in Logan or Brisbane is a shrewd move for Queenslanders as you can increase the value of your property and provide yourself with an additional income. As a granny flat builder, the team at Queensland Granny Flats knows all the facts about building a second dwelling on your land, so let’s take a look at some of the more important points.

Tips on building granny flats in Brisbane and Logan

Normally there’s no problem building granny flats in Logan or Brisbane, but some councils do have restrictions that might affect you, depending on where you live. Some councils in South East Queensland have minimum block sizes and frontages, as well as required setbacks for second dwellings.

Review certification requirements

You will also need to obtain planning permission, but your granny flat builder can organise that for you. Also, when you build a second dwelling it will need to comply with the Building Code of Australia and any other relevant standards.

Review your plans

As a precaution and before you apply for building permission, you need to decide how to extend your sewers and stormwater drains to incorporate your new granny flat. As a professional granny flat builder, we know that this can sometimes be tricky, simply because of the way the original systems were built on your land and the route they take to and from the main outlets. We might need to make a few changes to these underground systems to accommodate your second dwelling, but if it needs to be done to ensure that the systems work correctly, then this becomes just an extra job for your builder.

Look for builders with full packages

If you are considering building one or more granny flats in Brisbane or Logan, it will pay to contact a reputable granny flat builder, so you can get the best building for your money. Look for a builder who offers package deals with modular buildings, as well as custom designs so that you can have the exact design you want on your land.

When making the decision to build a granny flat, you always need to consider the cost of the build, but with a good rental return (think of Air BnB!), you should be able to cover your costs easily within 5 to 7 years, or even sooner, depending on the overall cost.

To get the ball rolling on finding a professional granny flat builder, call Queensland Granny Flats on 0420 382 728 or send us an email today.