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What styles of accommodation do granny flat builders offer?

As experienced and reputable granny flat builders we offer designs that range from one bedroom studios to three bedroom homes, but anything larger really isn’t considered a granny flat.

In fact, the local council dictates the size of additional accommodation that can be built on existing blocks, so depending on your size plot, you will be restricted to a certain size granny flat. Apart from these specific restrictions, you are free to design the perfect accommodation, but generally your first priority is usually that it should be affordable and comfortable.

Independence and privacy are two other important factors, but accessibility is also essential for elderly relatives or anyone who has difficulty with mobility. So to help you decide which type of accommodation is perfect for your situation, here are three different styles that most granny flat builders will have on offer.

Modern loft style granny flats

Young people who want to stay at home longer tend to like these loft inspired designs that suit inner city suburbs where there is plenty of action, a café culture and lots of nightlife within easy reach. Granny flat builders should have no problem creating one of the loft designs that are perfect for blocks that have a limited amount of available space.

Ranch style granny flats

These designs take up more space, simply because they are influenced by a ranch design. There is more of a flow to these designs that include large windows to let in lots of light and a lovely deck, patio or wrap around veranda to enjoy views of the garden. These are more suited to larger acreage blocks and most granny flat builders should be able to customise these designs to suit your needs.

Modern and contemporary granny flats

These tend to be more affordable options, so they are smaller than the Ranch and Loft Style granny flats, fitting everything into a compact space. Heralding from the days when kit homes were a popular option for additional accommodation, these designs offer modern, clean designs for small spaces, but can easily be upgraded to suit your requirements.

As quality granny flat builders in Queensland, we can design something that perfectly suits your requirements and is within your budget. Call us on 07 3209 4623 or send us an email for more information.