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Thinking of adding a granny flat to your house?

Adding a granny flat to your house is a great way to improve your lifestyle, increase your living space and earn additional income. These are really good reasons why many Aussies are building granny flats on their land (particularly with the increasing costs of real estate, as well as banks not lending as much money to homeowners and the cost of actually moving to a larger home), however sometimes trying to build an additional home on your block can be difficult.

These difficulties arise from the actual cost of adding a granny flat to your house, so the solution is to build a granny flat at the same time as you build your main house. This approach can save you money during the build, and you can benefit from any additional rent immediately.

Saving money when adding a granny flat to your house

If you build two structures on your block of land at the same time (your home and a granny flat), you only have to submit one application to council; if you build a granny flat in the future, you will need to apply for council approval all over again.

It also costs the builder less to build two structures at the same time than it does to come back and build a granny flat in the future. These savings can be passed onto you! For example, all the materials for both buildings can be delivered at the same time, saving thousands of dollars on delivery fees.

Another good reason to consider adding a granny flat to your house during the initial build is site access. Established houses can have limited access to the back yard, causing problems delivering construction materials to the site. If you have to pay for these materials to be craned over your house, your costs will escalate significantly, but if you build both structures at the same time, you won’t have this problem.

So if you are building a new home for your family, consider adding a granny flat at the same time and you will not only save yourself additional money, but you can also increase your income if you decide to take in tenants.

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