Queensland Granny Flats are a family owned and operated business in Brisbane with extensive experience in the building industry. One of our specialities is building granny flats in Jimboomba to suit any lifestyle, with high energy ratings and completed in 12 weeks!

Our granny flats are designed for comfortable modern living with everything you need to relax and enjoy your new home. Whether you want a granny flat for your elderly relatives, a retreat for your teenagers, living space for young adults or an asset that brings in a rental income, we can give you the results you want, fast and to a very high spec.

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Granny flats built in 12 weeks

You might not believe that we can build your granny flat in just 12 weeks, but it’s true! It’s all down to the engineering we use to construct your homes. We build your granny flat from the ground up with our new and approved modular buildings – that’s why we are so fast!

We organise council approvals and once we have these completed, we start building on your land. Your home will be up in 12 weeks and you will only ever deal directly with the builders, no intermediaries or third parties.

Where do we build your granny flat?

We build your granny flat on your land in Jimboomba. It will be on the same lot as your main home, so you won’t be able to obtain two power bills or two rates bills, not unless you apply to subdivide the land. This is why you can’t officially rent granny flats in Queensland, because they are on the same title and you can’t separate the utility bills. It also means that you can’t subdivide the land at a later date (once the granny flat is built) and you can’t sell it separately to the main house. There are also rules about the size of granny flats in Jimboomba and the distances to boundary fences, but we will discuss these with you at our initial meeting to ensure that your granny flat is fully compliant.

What materials do we use for your granny flat?

You will be happy to know that we source all our high quality materials for granny flats in Jimboomba locally and they all meet the necessary Australian Standards. At Queensland Granny Flats, we do our best to support the local community and other trades people and industries, that’s why we only source our materials inside Australia. Over the years, we have built a strong network of reliable suppliers who give us very good prices, which we pass onto our clients, and it’s one of the reasons our granny flats are so affordable. 

How about colour choices?

We can show you popular colour options, but you have free reign to choose all your own colours inside and outside. You can sit down with our colour specialist and decide whether to match the colour scheme for your granny flat to your main house or try something different. 

Customisations? No problem!

We have an exclusive range of different modular buildings for granny flats in Jimboomba, which can be mixed and matched and customised to suit your needs. There are four general designs for our granny flats in Jimboomba: Lily Pilly, Driftwood, Bay Cottage and Bluegum. Each has their own special characteristics and all have a wonderful wide and airy veranda. 

Granny flats with 6 to 8 star energy ratings!

With energy bills becoming such a problem across Australia, it’s good to know that our granny flats have between a 6 to 8 star energy rating. This means that your home will be environmentally friendly and your power bills will be much lower in our granny flats than anywhere else!

Affordable and cost effective granny flats in Jimboomba

Our suppliers help us to keep our costs down so our granny flats are very affordable. You will be amazed at what you get for your money! Whether you want lots of customisations or not, the price you pay for your granny flat will leave you speechless with delight!

Four different options for your granny flat

Your granny flat can be a separate dwelling, built as a stand alone building, either beside or behind your main home. It can also be built above or below your main home, giving you four options, depending on your main home’s configurations, your land, and your needs.

Option 1: Beside your main home

These granny flats in Jimboomba are ideal for wide blocks of land and are ideal if you want the additional space to start a new business or for young adults. This option tends to be long and narrow (depending on the available space at the side of your home), but has a garage with access to the street and a private open space for the occupants.

Option 2: Behind your main home

This option is often the best choice for elderly relatives, providing access to the street, undercover parking and a small garden. This can be a long and narrow building if your land is not very deep, but can also be nice and wide if you have the space at the back of your block. 

Option 3: Below your main home

This option is perfect for old Queenslanders or fibro homes that have a lot of unusable space underneath. It’s also ideal for someone with a disability, because it’s all built on one level. You have additional parking spaces, a small garden and lots of design options that will make better use of your home. Granny flats in Jimboomba don’t come better than this!

Option 4: Above your main home

It’s often cheaper to go up than go out! That’s why we have a granny flat option that allows you to make use of the space above your current home, by building a granny flat as a second storey. It’s ideal for teenagers or young adults who haven’t fled the nest yet, and is a very viable financial option. Parking and street access is included and access to a private outdoor space can be included.

5 step process to building granny flats in Jimboomba

STEP 1: You contact us and we meet face to face and on-site to discuss your new granny flat. 

STEP 2: We give you a free and very detailed quote for your new granny flat.

STEP 3: You select your colour scheme and sign the building contract.

STEP 4: We obtain the building approvals from the local council.

STEP 5: We build your new granny flat!

Give us a call on 0420 382 728 or shoot us an email enquiry to arrange a face to face meeting on site!