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5 Benefits of picking the right granny flat designs

Have you noticed that there are a plethora of new granny flat designs on the market? Depending on the design you select, this type of additional accommodation is suitable for housing elderly relatives, running a home business or generating a rental income; they have become extremely popular over the past few years with homeowners and investors.   

If you have started looking at a range of different granny flat designs, but are still wondering whether this is the right move for your family, here are 5 reasons why it might be a good idea.

  1. Small block sizes are OK: If you want to build a granny flat, you don’t need a huge block of land, it just needs to be at least 450 square metres in total. This means that you can easily fit a 70 square metre two-bed granny flat on your property and there are even one-bed granny flat designs that are less than 50 square metres as well.
  2. No subdivision issues: Since your granny flat will be built on your land and it will still have the same address as your main home, you don’t need to subdivide your land. This is great news for homeowners who don’t want to be troubled with subdivision problems, particularly since some councils won’t let you subdivide.
  3. Maximise living space: With more and more Aussies preferring to renovate rather than move, our granny flat designs might be the perfect solution to your lifestyle problems. It will also increase the value of your home, since you have all that additional living space!
  4. Earn rental income: Short of increasing your salary there aren’t many ways to increase your income, which is why a granny flat is such a great idea. You can earn a significant amount of money from renting your granny flat to students, professionals, even families (our designs include one or two bedrooms), all of whom want affordable, modern accommodation.
  5. Seamless designs: Our designs can be customised to match your existing home’s external décor so that it looks like it has always been there! It won’t look like an add-on or a poor cousin, because it will be a high quality build that will lift the look and feel of your existing home.

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